Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most preferred dental treatments, especially in the recent periods. Thanks to the advances in dentistry, shape and color disorders in the teeth are easily solved. Healthy and white teeth increase self-confidence. It improves a person's smile. 

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  • Structural disorders that occur during the formation of teeth in childhood,
  • Antibiotics that were exposed to while in the womb or during infancy,
  • Drinks or foods consumed daily,
  • Smoking and alcohol use,
  • The amount of fluoride in the water
  • A side effect of some medications can cause discoloration of the teeth.

The color change in the teeth can be expressed in 2 ways:

Internal color change: These are called stains that penetrate the inner surface of the tooth and cannot be removed by brushing.  coloring caused by medications or coloring caused by excessive fluorine intake falls into this class.  Teeth whitening gives successful results in most of these types of cases.

External color change: These are the discolorations that occur on the tooth surface. Some dyestuff drinks, such as tea, coffee or cola, can cause this. It is usually possible to get rid of these stains after dental calculus cleaning.

Color changes that occur in the teeth may require different treatments, so you need to be examined by a dentist to get the most appropriate dental treatment for you. You can contact us for an online inspection

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is called the process of whitening the tooth color by turning on one or more shades. The discoloration that occurs on the teeth can be removed by teeth whitening process. Thanks to teeth whitening, you can have whiter teeth. This Procedure performed by a dentist is fast, reliable and effective. With teeth whitening, the patient’s tooth color can be 2-3 shades (more in some patients).

What are the Methods of Teeth Whitening?

Two different techniques are used in teeth whitening. 

Power Bleaching: This whitening process performed at the dental clinic takes 1 hour.  With the combination of whitening gel and light, the tooth color is quickly and reliably turned on. It is the best teeth whitening method.

Home Bleaching: This is the name given to the home-use version of the whitening kits prepared by the dentist. Gels are placed into mouthpieces specially prepared for the person with the measure taken by mouth. The mouthpieces remain on the teeth for a certain period of time. It is sufficient to wear the mouthpieces Decently for an average of 4 to 8 hours a day.

Can Everyone Have Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening treatment can be performed for anyone who does not have any disease that will interfere with the teeth whitening process. In order for teeth whitening treatment to be performed, the patient’s teeth and gums must be healthy. Other necessary treatments are applied to people with problems with teeth or gums before teeth whitening treatment.

It is not recommended to apply teeth whitening to nursing mothers, pregnant women and people who have not completed their growth and development.

Is Whitening Good for Your Teeth?

As a result of various studies, it has been found that professional teeth whitening does not cause any damage to the teeth. There is no research showing that permanent damage to the teeth occurs due to teeth whitening. Teeth whitening that is not performed by a dentist can damage the teeth. Trying to whiten teeth with various solutions made at home can also permanently damage the tooth enamel. You should consult with your dentist to whiten your teeth safely.

Do Teeth Whiten at the Same Rate for Everyone?

Everyone’s tooth color is different from each other. In other words, the teeth whitening process performed does not give the same result to everyone. How many shades of tooth color will be turned on varies from person to person. While one or two tons of whitening occurs in some people, much more whiteness can be achieved in some people.

It is important that the results look natural when teeth whitening is performed. For this reason, not everyone’s teeth whiteness result will be the same. You can contact the specialists of the Alyans Clinic for natural teeth whitening

What are the Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening can cause short-term sensitivity. Sensitivity may be felt on the teeth in hot or cold drinks.  It is expected that this sensitivity will pass within a few days.  if your tooth sensitivity does not go away a few days after the procedure, you should contact a dentist

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The duration of bleaching varies from person to person. The results obtained from no bleaching process are expected to last about 1-2 years. This period may be extended or shortened with the patient’s oral care. This period is prolonged in people who pay attention to oral hygiene and avoid food and beverages that will cause discoloration of the teeth. 

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

The dental treatment sector in Turkey is growing at a great pace every passing year. The increase in demand has also enabled dentists to have much more experience. Very affordable prices and high-quality treatment services compared to other countries such as European countries or the USA make Turkey stand out in dental treatments.

The whole process goes smoothly from the first interview to the end of the treatment. Thanks to the expert patient coordinators who will help you with the entire process, you can safely choose the Wedding Ring Clinic.

There are many dental clinics in Turkey. It can be difficult to find the best clinic among these clinics. When choosing a dental clinic, you should pay attention to the fact that the dentist who will perform your treatment is an expert in his field and the tools he will use are the latest technology. With its expert dentists and experienced staff, Alyans Clinic is by your side at all stages of dental treatments. You can contact us to get detailed information about our treatments and specialists. 

Tooth Whitening Costs in Turkey

Tooth whitening costs in Turkey are quite affordable compared to other countries. The total cost of your trip will be much lower than the total cost you will pay for dental treatments in the USA or any European country. While undergoing dental treatment, you can also visit the city at the same time. During your stay in the city for treatment, you can enjoy the historical and tourist areas of the city. Contact our expert patient coordinators to get more information about the dental treatment process and tooth whitening prices in Turkey.