Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is one of the most popular applications among dental treatments. The treatment is preferred by those who want to have natural, symmetrical and white teeth. Thanks to the developing technology, now everyone who wants to can have a better smile. You can read our article for more information about the Hollywood smile. 


What is the Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile treatment is the optimization of the patient’s smile and teeth to the face type. With the perfect tooth shape, whiter teeth and appropriate tooth sizes, everyone can now have a smile like Hollywood stars. Hollywood smile treatment varies from person to person. It is performed by combining several treatments according to the patient’s needs. The most common of these are; teeth whitening, tooth coating and implant treatments.

What Are the Preferred Treatments For Hollywood Smile?

Those who want to have a perfect appearance like Hollywood stars are wondering what procedures should be applied to them. This treatment method, also called Hollywood teeth, is becoming more and more popular day by day. However, the same treatment cannot be applied to everyone for the perfect smile design. Everyone’s tooth structure, color, face shape are different from each other. For this reason, when aesthetic smile design is preferred, a personalized treatment plan should be implemented. The most preferred dental treatments in Hollywood smile design are as follows:

Dental Veneer

Dental veneers are preferred for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes. The bonding of artificial teeth obtained from various substances to the real tooth surface is called dental veneer. Dental veneer can be applied on teeth that do not look problematic or aesthetic. With dental veneer, the shape and length of the teeth are selected in the most appropriate way for the patient.

For tooth coating, it may be necessary to rasp the tooth surface a certain amount in some patients. In some people, the coating can be done without the need for abrasion. The duration and prices of dental veneer treatment may vary from person to person. How many teeth will be covered also affects the duration of treatment.

Is a Hollywood smile the Same Thing as a Dental Veneer? 

Dental veneer is one of the most preferred treatment methods in the treatment of Hollywood smile. Since tooth veneer treatment is often preferred in Hollywood smile, it is thought that the two are the same procedure. However, Hollywood smile may also include different dental treatments other than dental veneers, such as teeth whitening or dental implants.

Teeth Whitening : 

If there is no aesthetic smile, one of the sine qua non is white teeth. It is important to choose the color according to the patient’s tooth structure. The chosen color should not cause an artificial appearance on the teeth. You can contact us for Hollywood teeth whitening.

Dental Implant : 

If the patient has tooth loss, dental implant treatment can be applied. Thanks to the implanted tooth in place of the missing tooth, you can have a complete and natural tooth appearance.

According to the needs of the patient, other treatment methods are also used in the treatment of Hollywood smile

Is Hollywood Smile Good for Teeth?

Hollywood Smile treatment, performed by specialist dentists in the right clinic, is reliable. The dentist analyzes the patient’s condition before treatment. Determines their needs. If there are any dental or gum problems, it treats it. Then the smile design is performed. If your teeth are not analyzed correctly before treatment, complications may occur. For this, you can rely on our expert staff in the field. You can contact us to get information about our dentists and to have an online examination. 

Is Hollywood Smile Painful?

The latest technology is used in the treatment of Hollywood Smile. The treatments are usually painless. Treatment should definitely be applied by dentists. The results are seen immediately after the treatment.  

What are the Advantages of a Hollywood Smile?

  • You will have the most appropriate smile on your face.
  • You will get a younger and more energetic appearance.
  • You will have a symmetrical and white tooth appearance.
  • If you have dental and gum diseases, all diseases are treated before Hollywood smile treatment.
  • You will have a correct mouth closure.
  • Your new and improved smile gives you self-confidence.

How Long Does the Hollywood Smile Treatment Take?

Hollywood smile treatment is a treatment determined according to the needs of the patient. Usually one or a few days is enough for the treatment to be performed.

How Much Does it Cost for Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile costs may vary depending on various factors. As we mentioned above, Hollywood smile treatment is planned specifically for the individual. Since different treatment methods will be combined for each patient, prices also vary accordingly. The treatment fee of the patient who will undergo implant treatment and teeth whitening and the treatment fee of the patient who will undergo tooth coating will not be the same. How much do you have to pay for a Hollywood smile? Contact us for Hollywood smile prices. You can contact our specialists for a free online dental analysis. 

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

The number of people who prefer Turkey for Hollywood smile is increasing every day. Specialist dentists, state-of-the-art tools used and affordable prices make Turkey a center of attraction.

By choosing Turkey for dental treatments, you can both get treatment and go on a tourist trip during your stay here. You can cost this trip and treatment much cheaper than the price of dental treatment in your own country.

The staff of Alyans Clinic consists of dentists who are specialists in their field. Specialist patient coordinators together with dentists aim to provide the best treatment experience for you. Contact us for Hollywood smile prices in Turkey and everything you are curious about.