Dental Treatment in Turkey

As the cosmetic medicine industry advances and people take their looks more seriously, more and more people want to invest in affordable dental care. Oral hygiene is extremely important as it preserves the health of your teeth and gums. In addition to that, it also keeps the physical appearance of your teeth aesthetic. 

he perception about physical aesthetics around the world has evolved significantly over the years. People are now spending a lot of money on their teeth, skin, hair, nails, body. This is because everyone wants to looks their best. When it comes to teeth, they are definitely one of the most important physical features. A smile says a lot about a person’s personality. However, the only hurdle in achieving healthy aesthetic teeth is the cost of getting dental treatments.

All around the world, dental treatments are extremely expensive. Since people do not have much knowledge about the prices of dental care, they end up paying more than they are supposed to. People spend the most on implants, teeth whitening, crowns and veneers. Despite the high prices of dental treatments around the world, Turkey offers extremely affordable dental care prices. With affordable dental care, the country also provides very experienced and qualified Turkish doctors. These doctors make no compromise on the quality of dental treatments and yet maintain the affordable price as compared to other countries like USA, UK or European countries.

Besides the affordable prices, the other reasons why people prefer Turkey for dental treatments is because Turkey provides high quality treatments, uses advanced technology, has geographical advantage and has experienced doctors. 

Why Do We Need Affordable Dental Care?

Today, people are more proud of their looks than they ever were. The beauty standards keep evolving and anyone who looks presentable gets more respect. A “Hollywood smile” is just one of the beauty standards all around the world. Hollywood smile gives you white pearly teeth that not just look healthy but are healthy too. The desire for achieving the perfect smile can prove to be heavy on the pocket. Since physical appearance is so crucial, people tend to invest a lot on it. In this case, affordable dental care is your savior if you want a Hollywood smile without spending too much on it. 

The needs of our teeth evolve as we age. Most children, after their milk teeth fall, only want healthy teeth. However, as we age and evolve into adults, we also want aesthetically pleasing teeth. In order to achieve that, people get braces, implants, teeth whitening etc. 

How to Get Reliable and Affordable Dental Care

Affordable dental care is not a far fetched dream anymore. With the development in technology, Turkey has made it extremely easy for people all around the world to come and get dental treatments at low cost. All while exploring the beauty of Turkey. In other countries such as USA, the health insurance does not cover dental treatments as they are cosmetic treatments. The good news is that in order to get affordable dental care in Turkey, you do not have to compromise on your budget. This is your chance to achieve that pearly white smile.

Affordable Dental Care in Istanbul

Istanbul makes affordable dentistry accessible to everyone. In Turkey, you can get dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, cavity fillings, crowns and lumineers. There are plenty of dental clinics in Istanbul offering great quality treatments at an affordable cost. At Alyans Clinic, all our visitors receive top-notch quality dental treatments with all inclusive packages. We provide packages that include airport transfers, accommodation, dental treatment and after-care medicines. We provide services using advanced technology, tools and equipment. If you plan on getting any dental treatments, Istanbul is the best option. You can get your procedure done and then explore the city since it has so much to offer.

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is currently topping the list of medical tourism which includes dentistry, hair transplant and plastic surgeries. Dental tourism in Turkey is blooming due to highly touristic nature of Istanbul. The city has a lot to offer from great food, desserts to history, rich culture, mosques, museums, palaces and sea.

Dental Treatments cost in Turkey

Dental treatments cost in Turkey is way less if you compare to Europe, UK or USA. The reason for the affordable dental care in Turkey is the currency exchange rate and lesser wages in the country. . Despite the affordability, the quality of the treatment is very high. There is no difference between the tools and equipments used in USA, UK and Turkey. However, the costs vary greatly.

For example, if you want to get veneers, they will cost you $200 in Turkey and about $1000 in USA. Similarly, tooth implant costs $800 in Turkey and $1500 in USA. In addition to that, most Turkish dentists offer free consultation for the patients, which is unlike rest of the world.

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