Zirconium crowns in turkey

Zirconia teeth crown in turkey

Zirconium Crowns in turkey : Advantages and Disadvantages

At Alyans Clinic we wish to provide our patients with the best aesthetic teeth restorations often, so we choose zirconim crowns. These zirconim crowns are selected over conventional PFMs (Porcelain Fused-to-Metal) or full gold crowns due to their superior strength, durability, and excellent aesthetics.

At Alyans Clinic we exclusively use zirconium or Emax teeth crown over all-ceramic restorations, mainly when restoring a single tooth. Zirconium crowns require shoulder or chamfer margins for best results. They may be fabricated from solid full-contour zirconium, high translucent zirconium  crown, or layered zirconium teeth crowns. High translucent zirconium crown and layered zirconium crown can be either screw-retained or cemented.

Most Teeth practices in turkey are switching from conventional PFM crowns and moving towards the use of zirconium crown for creating fixed teeth restorations. Because zirconium crowns restorations possess excellent aesthetics and are virtually indestructible, zirconium crown is becoming the most popular material for fabricating dental restorations.


What is Zirconia?

What is PFM?

Solid or Layered Zirconium Crown?

Zirconium HT

Zirconium crowns preparation guidelines

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Advantages of choosing Zirconium Crowns

Are there any disadvantages of having a Zirconium Crown?

5 signs you should use zirconium crowns instead of PFM

  1. Exceptional Strength

  2. Natural-Looking Smile

  3. Reliability and Durability

  4. Customization

  5. Safer for Patients

Myths about zirconium crowns

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Zirconia teeth crown in turkey

What is Zirconia?

Zirconia is a metal oxide derived from zirconium, a metal in the titanium family, and can be found worldwide. Everyday household items such as dinnerware, pipes, and electrical fixtures are made from zirconia. Because of its natural strength and durability, zirconia is an ideal material for teeth crowns. Zirconium crowns are best for patients who need posterior crowns, which require strength for masticating food.


What is PFM?

As the name suggests, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns combine porcelain and metal. The porcelain overlay is color-matched to the natural teeth, but the darker metal color could show at the gingival margin, especially if there is gingival recession. Dentists usually recommend PFM restorations for patients who desire strength and a natural appearance.

Solid or Layered Zirconium?

Solid zirconium crowns, or “monolithic zirconium teeth crown”, is opaque, so it’s generally recommended for posterior crowns. Solid zirconium crowns contains more stabilizers than high translucent zirconium crowns, making it more durable to withstand the forces of mastication. This material is particularly suitable for patients who may grind their teeth. Only minimal clearance is required for this type of restoration, and there is low wear on the opposing teeth. Solid zirconium crowns are also very effective for masking highly discolored teeth preps, specifically those that have darkened due to previous teeth treatments, such as a post and core or an implant-supported restoration.

Layered zirconium crown is more translucent and opalescent, but it is especially suitable for anterior crowns, unlike solid zirconium crowns. Although generally used for anterior crowns, layered zirconium may also be used for posterior crowns if there is sufficient clearance. When done skillfully, the very best aesthetic results can be achieved. Both solid and layered zirconium crowns have strength and consistency comparable with traditional PFM restorations, yet they provide far superior aesthetics.

Zirconia teeth crown in turkey

Zirconia HT

Zirconia HT (High Translucent), at 590-720 MPa, is much stronger than porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations and maintains a natural and vibrant translucency.

The product is 100% metal-free, which prevents gingival darkening and removes the possibility of exposing metallic margins if gingival recession begins. Zirconium crowns are naturally aesthetic, transmit the color of adjacent teeth, and can be matched to any shade, making high-translucent zirconium suitable for bridges up to 3 units in length, at Alyans Clinic we use exclusively this one for our patients who come exclusively to turkey for us.

Using Zirconim HT can save you more than three hours since there is no need for shading liquids or drying time. Due to its inherent natural fluorescence in any lighting condition—whether daylight, sunshine, or black light—restorations will always look natural. No unique fluorescent glaze is required.

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