Teeth in turkey

teeth in turkey

When was the last time you went to the dentist? You’re in good company if it’s been a while. It’s estimated that only 44% of people around the world have had a dental visit in the last twelve months. If you’ve been putting off a routine cleaning or dental exam — or if you haven’t been keeping up with routine care like you know you should — now’s a great time to move your oral health back to the top of your to-do list.

Taking care of your mouth doesn’t just affect the appearance of your teeth or the smell of your breath. Your oral health also impacts your daily functioning, including your ability to swallow, chew, speak, and smile. A growing body of research has found that the state of your teeth, gums, and mouth have an even greater role in your overall well-being, impacting your entire body.

Poor dental hygiene can increase your risk of some serious medical conditions, but the mouth-body relationship works in both directions. Your mouth may be the first sign of a health issue affecting the entire body, and your dentist is trained to identify those signs.

In either case, taking care of your mouth is a simple but powerful way to protect your overall health. Here’s what you need to know about the relationship between oral health and the rest of your body — and steps you can take to protect them both.

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Part 1 – Everything about teeth treatments process in turkey :

1.      Teeth Tourism Turkey

2.      Teeth Treatment Guide in Turkey

3.      Why should we choose Turkey for dental treatment?

4.      Treatment Summary of Teeth Aesthetics in Turkey

5.      What are Dental Implants in Turkey?

6.      How much are dental treatment prices in Turkey?

7.      What are implant brands used in dental implant treatment?

8.      Straumann

9.      Bego

10.  Dio implant

11.  What is the Hollywood smile makeover process?

12.  What is the Root canal treatment process?

13.  What is the Tooth Extraction?

14.  What is the Professional Teeth Whitening procedure?

15.  What are the Teeth Fillings?

1 – Teeth Tourism Turkey

Turkey’s private teeth facilities and clinics offer an affordable solution in a vacation-like environment. This, in itself induces a more positive result as guests immediately feel more relaxed about the treatment they are undertaking. Turkey combines the complete spectrum of modern dentistry under one roof. We advise and treat you in Turkey, in a comprehensive, individual and competent manner.

Healing is good, prevention is better: tooth hygiene treatments help to reduce caries and periodontal risks and to maintain teeth health. Professional teeth cleaning and prophylaxis are carried out by our experienced team of teeth hygienists and prophylaxis assistants.

Patients from abroad have been coming to Turkey for teeth treatment since the year 2000. At Alyans Clinic we offer legal guarantees and many other services for patients who travel to us for their teeth treatment together with a Mediterranean holiday.

Procedures for our international patients:

  • Teeth tourism in Turkey
  • Free planning
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Prior treatment in our clinic
  • Free transfers
  • Guaranteed treatment by specialist physicians covering every dental discipline

Due to our investment in the latest dental technology, our dental clinic is equipped with such features as: the CEREC® crown technology, computer generated ‘Hollywood Smile’ , ‘Computer Guided Implant systems, Volumetric Tomography scanning equipment, and laser systems for gum treatment. Our clinic also utilizes state-of-the-art sterilizing technology for sanitizing our teeth tools. We undertake remedial and cosmetic dentistry covering all aspects of tooth care, including dental veneers.

The standards offered by us are equal, or if not better than, those available elsewhere in Europe, but are achievable at up to 70% less cost for treatment! So, in our Turkey Dental Holiday package we can offer highly professional dental treatment at affordable prices, while our patients can benefit from a fabulous Mediterranean holiday.

Istanbul is not only the main resort town of Turkey, but is also one of the main tourist centers in Europe. The town and its surroundings offer facilities that will meet all the expectations of the dental tourist, and at economical prices too! It is possible, in the winter and spring months, to ski up in the Taurus Mountains in the morning, and in the afternoon of the same day, enjoy the sun and swim on one of Turkey world-class, ‘Blue Flag’, beaches!

Turkey Dental Tourism – Many dental patients from abroad very often will choose to have a dental holiday in Turkey, with most selecting Our Dental Clinic for their dental treatment. For the past 10 years our Doctor’s has treated patients from Europe (for instance, Germany), the USA, and especially from the UK.

New Teeth Turkey – For your free dental treatment plan, which will be exclusively tailored for you by our experienced dentists, and fabulous holiday advice, please contact us now to learn of the Offers and Advantages we have for you! We offer the highest dentistry standards for the best prices!

Many of our patients from abroad repeatedly choose Alyans Dental Clinic for a dental holiday in Turkey. To ensure that the patient receives the very best treatment, our dental clinic is offers the highest standards of hygiene, applies the latest dental techniques, together with the most up-to-date dental technology, to ensure that the patient receives the very best treatment.

We speak the same language as you! It is our aim to give you the most satisfying smile!

Your support team will be in contact with you as soon as they have received the contact form below. We look forward to responding to any questions you may wish to ask our expert representatives. Probably the Best Dental Center for Dental Tourism in Turkey!

Isabelle YatesIsabelle Yates
13:46 25 Sep 22
I would recommend this clinic to anyone. The doctor and the staff are very friendly and they have a great sense of humor. They also have different payment plans so it was easy to get the treatment I wanted at a price that didn't break me. I will never go anywhere else for dental work.
Jerry HaneyJerry Haney
06:26 23 Sep 22
I had my teeth done with Dr. Mert at Alyans Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey and it was a great experience. The staff is friendly and Dr. Mert is an excellent dentist. They were able to provide me with the treatment I wanted, and the prices were more than reasonable. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs dental work done!
Dovlet KlychDovlet Klych
04:09 07 Sep 22
I would firstly recommend this clinic and Specialist Dr. Merdan Mert Jumaoglu to those who are looking for an experienced dentist. Dr. Merdan Mert Jumaoglu and his team are very friendly and so kind. Very good, acceptable price for any type of dental services.A would like to express my gratefulness to Dr. Merdan Mert Jumaoglu for my Hollywood smile by applying e-max crowns to my teeth which is serving me since January 2020 and with no problems at all.Sag bolun doktor Merdan aga, ajaÿyp diślerim üçin size çaksiz minnetdar, eliñiz agyrmasyn.
Martin H.Martin H.
13:48 03 Sep 22
For me this is the best dental care I have ever received! Professional, honest and friendly staff made me feel at comfort. I would highly recommend to anyone!
Johan PeetersJohan Peeters
13:10 03 Sep 22
I would highly recommend this clinic to all my friends. Top service you can trust. The staff are amazing!!!
Kasbaji HoucineKasbaji Houcine
14:59 30 Aug 22
Had serious problems with my teeth and gum..thanks to doctor Mert i have my smile back, many thanks to the staff that took care of me during my visits to the clinic ! I highly recommend it 5 stars on my behalf !
Nabil QarmanNabil Qarman
07:54 24 Aug 22
I would like to start off to thank Dr mert and his wonderful clinic staff..what an absolute pleasure dealing with such a wonderful Clinic Centre.From the consultation to the procedure itself and to post surgery, everybody was helpful and extremely professional .My self I had a 6 months orthodontic treatment plan and my mother as well have had her bone grafting and crowns installed and we cannot describe how happy we are to have chosen this clinic .Thank you once again to dr mert and his lovely team .
eymen oruceymen oruc
20:50 21 Aug 22
I was treated by an experienced dentist, I am very satisfied, I am glad that I chose you.
snaps hrofsnaps hrof
14:41 01 Aug 22
I did my teeth in ALYANS CLINIC, and i've got to say the service is just Amazing, Good quality, Professional staff, I really recommand it.
Christina ElizabethChristina Elizabeth
12:22 30 Jul 22