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The Privilege of Dental Tourism with Alyans Clinic

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Alyans clinic in Istanbul is probably the most experienced dental clinic in Turkey and their doctor’s has been providing high quality dental implants in Turkey for more than 10 years. We use the latest dental technologies, such as: volumetric tomography, equipped with digital implant system planning software, RaySet technology for manufacturing surgical implant guides and laser technology.

In most cases, dental implant treatment is undertaken under local anesthesia, but for patients with disabilities, excessive nausea or dental phobias, our hospital has a fully equipped operating theater where our dentists can operate the patients under general anesthesia.

For patients who have adequate bone thickness and density, dental implants can be introduced without surgery or the need for stitches.

It is our mantra that our patients receive a perfect smile in a friendly environment, and without suffering unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Our clinic therefore uses 16 high-quality dental implants from brands manufactured in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. All dental implants used and placed in our clinic are guaranteed for life.

Obviously, the use of these high quality brand name dental implants, along with our investment in the latest technology, excellent professional doctors and staff, and shorter wait times compared to those offered in other countries, ensure that our clinic provides the patient with a much better healthcare experience.

Whether you have an implant or a complete transformation with dental implants, your treatment with us will be up to 70% cheaper than in the UK, for example. Without stitches, your healing time will be minimal if you have painless computer-guided implants, allowing you to enjoy your vacation here in the beautiful region of Istanbul/Turkey, with its many sightseeing opportunities.       (Click here to get a free quotation & treatment plan)

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Why do foreign patients prefer dental implants in Turkey?

Dental Implants in Turkey, Our dental treatments, combined with the use of the latest and best dental technologies and top-notch implant systems, cost our patients up to 70% less. We also offer 16 different types of internationally manufactured implants, the most any dental clinic or hospital can offer.

Our patients experience very short wait times for appointments. We have the latest hygienic and sterilizing processing technology.

“Alyans Clinic” has been approved and certified by the “Provincial Health Directorate for Health Tourism” of Turkey.

We offer you peace of mind, as well as lifetime legal guarantees during your treatment. We are always here for you and will support you, even after your treatment is over. You will remain our valued patient and we will always be there for you for your dental health, and we will continue to provide you with free check-up and examination facilities every time you visit Istanbul.

It is a great pleasure for our team that we speak the same language as you. We will be with you when you arrive at our clinic, when you have your free consultation and receive your treatment plan, and when you undergo your treatment. Our goal is to take care of you and ensure that your treatment takes place in a harmonious, friendly and professional environment.

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How Does Dental Tourism Work?


One of the frequently asked topics is how to do dental tourism. Of course, there may be exceptions. With a few exceptions, we can briefly summarize how the process works as follows:

The patient sends the panoramic X-ray taken in his own country or other treatment-related examinations to a health facility of his choice. Submission can be done easily in a digital environment.

The dentist establishes a treatment plan by examining the X-ray and the health problem.

The person who wishes to benefit from health services in the field of dentistry is informed of the planned treatment, the total cost and the duration of the treatment.

If the patient agrees, the appointment is arranged and the patient plans the trip to cover the date of the appointment.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that treatment times in dental tourism are not the same for all patients. Some treatments are completed in just a few days, while some treatments may take a week or more. This is because the duration of treatment is determined as part of treatment planning. In this way, patients going abroad will be able to clearly establish their travel plans.

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How will the process go when you decide on the dental treatment?

Taking a panoramic dental x-ray at any dental clinic in your country and emailing it to our clinic will save you money on the treatment process.

Your panoramic X-ray will be examined by our specialist doctors and possible treatments will be determined and you will be informed by e-mail.

In addition to the treatment plan, you will be informed of the financial status and the approximate duration of the treatment.

After your approval, the day of the appointment will be clarified.

You can reach us from our contact form, ask all the questions you want about dental health tourism and get detailed information.

The Privilege of Dental Tourism with Alyans Clinic

At Alyanc clinic in Turkey, all necessary dental implants and cosmetic dental treatments are performed with our latest technological devices for our patients coming from abroad. Before coming to our clinic, after sending your panoramic x-ray from the communication section of our website, the diagnosis and treatment planning are carried out by specialized dentists, the estimate and the duration of treatment are determined afterwards.

Air transportation, airport pickup, and all your transfers in istanbul, accommodation in our contracted hotels and pleasant trips to istanbul, the tourism paradise, are hosted by Alyans clinic family. In addition, this service offered to you is with the best tariff advantages.

Containing all imaging systems such as tomography and panoramic x-ray, as well as its own laboratory, Following technology for your health and fully applying hygiene standards, all dental health services, from implant to pediatric dentistry, are applied in our clinic.

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What Dental Treatment can you get in Turkey

The high costs of dental treatments in the world and especially in European countries and the fact that these costs are not covered by the state and private insurance companies have caused many European citizens to prefer Istanbul, especially because it is the favorite of tourism.

Our patients from different parts of Europe and the world who choose us for their treatments can benefit from the services offered in our hospital in all areas.

Please click to get detailed information and view our services.

Within the scope of dental treatment, the most preferred areas, especially by our foreign patients, are the applications of implants, zirconium crowns, bridge and crown prosthesis.

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What is a Zirconium Crown


Zirconium crown treatment is ideal for patients with allergies, especially to metal components. Zirconium dental coating is white in color and heat resistant. Another characteristic of the zirconium crown is that it is permeable to light. In this way, a more natural and aesthetic appearance is achieved for the teeth.