hollywood smile in turkey

Hollywood Smile in turkey

A ‘Hollywood’ Smile Makeover involves cosmetic procedures to achieve the perfect shape, color, and size of teeth to fit perfectly in your mouth. The most common cosmetic procedure is Porcelain Veneers, which are thin ceramic wafers that are designed to cover the surface of your individual teeth.

Every smile is custom-designed to fit your unique facial features, creating a smile that’s fit for a king or queen!

Porcelain Veneers are stain-resistant and are used to:

  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Correct misalignment of teeth
  • Restore worn down or chipped teeth
  • Correct permanent staining of teeth due to defects in the enamel that cannot be removed using whitening procedures

Renowned for their durability and strength, Porcelain Veneers are one of the most trusted and aesthetically pleasing cosmetic dental treatments to achieving a flawless Hollywood Smile.

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Dental Veneers in turkey

Do you dream of a perfect smile because you have discolored teeth, chipped teeth, large spaces between your teeth or other dental problems?

You have the opportunity to improve your smile and regain confidence in yourself thanks to the different types of dental veneers. They are applied by experts in ethetic dentistry. These veneers can reshape and even out your teeth, fill in the gaps between your teeth, and give you a pearly white smile to show off. Not only do veneers ensure a much better smile, but your veneers also protect your teeth.

Zirconia crowning treatment in turkey

Dental Crown in turkey

Zirconia crowns are attracting more and more patients, because they have many advantages.
Nevertheless, zirconia crowns are fairly new dental materials and it is possible that you will land many more questions.
We will therefore help you by introducing you to zirconia crowns and especially by explaining why most patients today choose to have zirconia crowns placed.
You will be able to prepare your dental tourism trip in the best conditions.
Teeth implants in turkey

Dental implants in turkey

Dental implants are artificial roots intended to replace missing teeth.
Dental implants are made of titanium biocompatible and do not trigger any allergic reaction.

Dental implants come in different forms and in different sizes to adapt to the needs and the pathology of each patient.

The wide variety of dental implants allows to guarantee perfect integration of the implant to obtain the best resistance and the best longevity to the implant.

Once the implant is fixed and after a so-called healing period or less long (from 3 to 5 months), the implant is indeed fully integrated by the bone and will therefore be an integral part of the jawbone.

Dental implants can restore abilities normal chewing while enjoying a result impeccable aesthetics.

Once the implant is installed, we must cover this implant with a crown, bridge or fixed/removable prosthesis for provide the same sensations and fulfill the same functions as natural teeth.

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Dental Center in turkey

What Is All On 4? And How Is It Different From Conventional Dental Implants?

Oftentimes patients will ask us what is All On 4 and how is it different from the conventional implant procedure?

All On 4 is a dental implant technique where the upper or lower set of teeth are replaced with just four implants. These four Implants act as a support mechanism for the placement of a new set of fixed teeth.

With the All On 4 dental implant procedure, the posterior implants are tilted 45° towards the rear of the mouth and placed into the anterior maxilla, a region of the jaw with higher bone density. Compared to other implant methods, the All On 4 technique doesn’t require the same density of bone in order to secure the implant.

All-on-4 is a revolutionary approach to solving the problem of multiple missing teeth and reconstructing the mouth of a patient to restore full function. In this guide, we explain the entire process of All-on-4 dental implants, and what a patient can expect from the procedure.

Losing teeth is an unfortunate situation that can arise due to a wide range of factors. Sometimes it’s due to an accidental impact, sometimes it’s due to advanced stages of tooth decay, and sometimes it’s due to other oral health problems. Regardless of the underlying cause of lost teeth, it is a problem that must be dealt with appropriately in order to get the patient’s mouth back to full function. One of the most exciting and modern methods of achieving this goal is a procedure known as All-on-4.

While traditional styles of dentures that simply sit on top of the gums are still very common, there are several aspects to them that many patients find to be shortcomings. For instance, it’s not unusual for denture adhesives to loosen prematurely, which can result in potentially embarrassing situations where the dentures separate from the gums unexpectedly. Furthermore, the strength of the bond of denture adhesive limits what the wearer can eat, sometimes preventing the person from enjoying many of their favorite foods.

In addition, there is one major drawback to traditional dentures that isn’t always apparent, and that is the gradual loss of bone density that results from the absence of teeth from the jaw. When a tooth is in place in the jaw, it exerts pressure on the bone by the natural movements of the mouth, such as when eating. This pressure stimulates growth and strengthens the area by increasing the density of the jaw bones. When the teeth are lost, either by accident or by necessity related to other dental health issues, this pressure is reduced and the bones begin to gradually lose density and strength over time.

The All-on-4 dental implant solution offers a superior outcome in all of these respects, thanks to the secure adhesion created by directly embedding the anchoring dental implants into the jawbone. This approach works to provide the same stimulation as natural teeth in order to prevent the loss of bone density and maintain the strength of the jawbone. The stability provided by the implants also offers a much more solid connection for the replacement teeth. This means the patient can enjoy virtually any type of food without ever needing to worry about looseness or accidental separation of their teeth at any time.

With all these advantages over other methods of replacement teeth, many patients are eager to learn more about what’s involved in the procedure and what their experience will be like.

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I would recommend this clinic to anyone. The doctor and the staff are very friendly and they have a great sense of humor. They also have different payment plans so it was easy to get the treatment I wanted at a price that didn't break me. I will never go anywhere else for dental work.
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I had my teeth done with Dr. Mert at Alyans Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey and it was a great experience. The staff is friendly and Dr. Mert is an excellent dentist. They were able to provide me with the treatment I wanted, and the prices were more than reasonable. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs dental work done!
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I would firstly recommend this clinic and Specialist Dr. Merdan Mert Jumaoglu to those who are looking for an experienced dentist. Dr. Merdan Mert Jumaoglu and his team are very friendly and so kind. Very good, acceptable price for any type of dental services.A would like to express my gratefulness to Dr. Merdan Mert Jumaoglu for my Hollywood smile by applying e-max crowns to my teeth which is serving me since January 2020 and with no problems at all.Sag bolun doktor Merdan aga, ajaÿyp diślerim üçin size çaksiz minnetdar, eliñiz agyrmasyn.
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For me this is the best dental care I have ever received! Professional, honest and friendly staff made me feel at comfort. I would highly recommend to anyone!
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